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Орден Современной Технократии

global objectives:
  • acceleration of technological progress (technical progress)
  • improve the quality of human life
  • increase security and stability of personal and human
  • biosphere conservation
  • increase longevity

Objectives local:

  • protection of interests of members of OST
  • Create an information network in the virtual space, to find allies set of activists, identify and consolidate all technocratic societies, organizations, unions into one.

  • invasion into reality. Private groups and all the collected "technostructure" organize a meeting between themselves, establishing contact with each other and become one whole, in all cities throughout the CIS.
    Created after rallying technocrats offices (Centre for Human Settlements begin recruit activists).

  • Creating Techno koorparatsy under the wing of the organization. Providing jobs to all the activists, promoting knowledge-intensive industries. Opening his own higher institutions, with branch offices throughout the country. The main task - to show people what good can donate technocracy.

  • creation of a technocratic state

  • creation of "faith" Order, based on a desire to progress, as the inner "religious"
    basis. The main objectives of which will be suggestion people confidence, faith and other valuable qualities.
    Preparation of elite technocrats, who were fighting traditsionolizmom and limits on progress.

purpose technocratic state: will create favorable conditions for development, improvement
rights moral, spiritual, physical plane. All in order to get ahead of all the other States and their desire
induce in them new sources of technocracy, which may lead to the unity of the world "globalization" under the banner of
"technocracy", the development and improvement! If not, then the whole world with the "correct policy of the state"
lag behind a technocratic state, which in the distant future, certainly podozhmet remaining pockets
recourse under him. Next to the stars!

Is one thing - One goal!
Definition of
protection of interests - the channeling of resources for the benefit of a member of the GRL,
improve the quality of life - the main indicator of life expectancy.

Biosphere conservation - keeping life in its original form in the future the land as a museum.

Preservation of the genotype, the ban on modification/mutation of the genome is transmissible through inheritance (which leads to a deviation from the initial specimen (human face),

Methods of solution:

3 eg having a common base - the experience of previous generations, different techniques, different types of societies - is increasing the number of options and awareness of their choices. In addition to 3 requires freedom: travel/accommodation information and time. all this effectively solves such as STP.

4 Ensuring human security is solved by a distributed environment (protection of distance) - colonization of outer space, then any disaster thermonuclear war, a meteor, and others (try higher powers, for God to create 2 flood:))) does not destroy all of humanity. first step -
development of space tourism ...

6, life expectancy increases due to the achievements of medicine and changing social conditions (war, 8-hour day and a slave mn)

PS application - to assess the correctness of those or other events look Do they contribute pogrammnyh goals?

Discussion: goal OST (forum) http://tech.clan .su/forum/9-7-1

The fact that the very idea of technocracy is inseparably connected with the idea of human life "Self" so very idea of technocracy, as it lies in man himself. This idea can be called anything else: progress, development, etc.
That is why the very purpose of technocracy to make progress, without limitation, no matter what, in all spheres of human life because man is himself made. We are the very essence of reason and rationalization, development and improvement ...
Joining forces together, gathering a general idea we attain incredible results, as in politics, science, technology, production and understanding of the very purpose of life. In general, the goal is a goal that progress! (One thing - one goal "- like repeating one of our slogans)
We get the benefits that it gives us, but this source has not dried up, because he lies within us.
AND dry up this source only with the death of man. Therefore, another goal was to prolong human life (up to immortality, because the transition of the mind in the information environment)
Soon our idea itself comes to mind of many people in the world (especially post-industrial countries), our goal is ahead of them and to help our country and its citizens to become home to the ideology of the future, having all the chances obedint on his idea of the whole world! .. (this is explained by our friendship with the "association" World Group). Since the idea of technocracy in full and without zamorochek answers the question - "What the idea to unite - On the idea of shared prosperity" ...

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